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Senior research fellow

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Born in Leningrad just before the World War II. In my young years I was an enthusiastic hiker. Enjoying natural sceneries, nights spent at the campfire, mysterious life of forest inhabitants… this became the essence of my life. After entering the Biological faculty of Leningrad University, I specialized in ornithology, and this choice never disappointed me. Prof. A.S.Malchevskii was my teacher. Having graduated in 1963, I worked at the Department of Vertebrate Zoology as an assistant, then as a lecturer. Since 1989 I occupy a research position in the Biological Institute of St-Petersburg State University. The field ornithology is my area of scientific interests. I participated in expeditions to many different parts of Central Asia, Siberia, Chukotka, Kamchatka, Sakhaline island, Kola Peninsula. One of the strongest impressions which I brought from those travels was how variable and beautiful are the natural complexes – and how vulnerable they are! Now I enjoy the field work at the Ladoga Ornithologicical Station. I also fight for the nature conservation together with its indomitable enthusiast, Prof. G.A.Noskov. 
Together with my colleagues from the Protected Areas group I have developed the projects of many protected areas in the Leningrad Region including the project of the strict reserve “Ingermanlandsky”. 



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I also have published several tens of papers on moult and migration in birds.



Anna R. Gaginskaya
Senior research fellow
Biological Institute of St. Petersburg State University, 
Oranienbaumskoje sh., 2, Stary Petergoff, 
St. Petersburg 198504, Russia. 


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