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St. Petersburg Ornithologists' Society is a section of St.-Petersburg Naturalists' Society.
The Society unites professional ornithologists and bird-watchers. At the meetings the members of the society make scientific presentations, discuss promptly actual problems (for example avian flue, nature protection etc.). If it is necessary they carry a corresponding resolution. The members of the society trap and ring birds at the ornithological stations on the shore of the Lake Ladoga and Courish Spit of the Baltic Sea. They carry out studies on avifauna of the Leningrad Region. In 1991-1995 θ 2003-2006, some expeditions were organized to study avifauna of the islands in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland. For many years censuses of birds wintering in St. Petersburg have been carried out.
One of the most important fields of the society activity is nature protection. Thanks to the selfless efforts of the members of the society a series of projects for special protected areas were elaborated and most of them were taken under protection. For example a project of the strict nature reserve Ingermanlandsky in the islands of the Gulf of Finland was elaborated. The goal of the society is to promote the ideas on nature protection among population. These are lectures and interviews on radio and TV, publications in periodicals, excursions on the bird observatories and special protected areas, organizing a festival "Bird Day", and other forms of ecological education.
One more field of the society activity is exchange of information with foreign and Russian ornithologists` societies. Many specialists and bird-watchers from different countries visited the Ladoga Ornithological Station and Biological Station Rybachy of the Zoological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences. As a rule the meetings are very useful for both sides.

Chair of the society

Dr., Prof. George Noskov

Secretary of the society

Natalia Iovchenko


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